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Manzela is one of Mexico’s most important manufacturer of snacks and candies mainly made of peanuts. Our products are made with the highest quality standards since 1985 in our 6 production plants in Texcoco and Puebla, Mexico. Our Japanese style Peanuts have captivated generations of consumers in both Mexico and the U.S.A. Some of our products are Candy covered Peanut, peanut brittles, Corn chips, toasted pumpkin seeds, fava bean with chili, salted peanuts, peanuts with chili and tamarind candies among others.

In 2010 Manzela USA LLC opened two distribution points based out of McAllen and Laredo Texas becoming the distribution company for the international market. Manzela USA LLC started distributing to customers in the U.S.A, Puerto Rico and Canada and we have since expanded into the European market.

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