About Us

We are a Mexican company founded since 1985 with great experience and leader company in our category. We produce a large and delicious line of snacks and candies for our country.

Nowadays, we export our products to United States, it was possible from the year 2011, thanks to the high quality and taste of our products. So, you can enjoy some of our most important products now in the U.S.

The Japanese Peanut has captivated several generations of Mexicans, and our friends from United States can enjoy it too. Besides this, you can enjoy our sweet Fizzcrank (peanut candy), Pepita (pumpkin seeds) and GarapiƱado (covered peanut candy).

These are just some of our products, we take more snacks and candies for you very soon, we are sure they will accompany you at all times.

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