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Manzela is a leading company in Mexico in the industry of salted and sweetened snacks. Since more than 30 years started to work in Texcoco, State of Mexico. Our main product is the Japanese Style Peanuts but we also manu facture candy covered peanuts, peanut bars, coconut products, tamarind products, salted snacks, spicy snacks and many more.

Manzela it’s also in charge of the manufacturing of its own packages, plastic bags, labels and cardboard boxes. In 2015 FDA sta visited our export plant as a plan to validate our facilities and methods. During 2 days the inspectors reviewed each step of the manufacturing process and all the areas of buildings and warehouses after which a satisfactory approval was obtained.

During this year a new export plant will be open in Puebla, Mexico with fully automated processes. After we open this facility we will increase our capacity 5 times.


Our Bussines

Manzela USA LLC started operating in 2010 in USA and Puerto Rico with the distribution of our own brand. Our distribution center is located in McAllen, TX where all the customers pick up their orders.

We have direct clients in TX, CA, GA, IL, NC, FL, NY, OK, IN, KY through which we cover more than 30 states in all the country.

The products that we have available for USA are Japanese Style Peanuts, Candy Covered Peanuts, Candy Peanut Bar, Pumpkin Seeds and an Assorted Spicy Mix.

Our main costumers are wholesalers who distribute our products to super markets, convenience stores, regional chain stores, retailers, independent stores and smaller distributors.

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